Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What'd You Do This Weekend: Pumpkin Hunters

This was our second year to pumpkin hunt at Davis Family Farms.  It's a quaint little farm located on NE Hwy 20 outside of Corvallis.  (Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a website for them or I'd be sure to share it.)  

 Davis Family Farm Storefront.

When we arrived, we were the only family waiting for a hay ride.  Jason wondered if we might be too early in the season - I assured him that we probably weren't, but secretly worried otherwise.

 Daddy and Siennalee tried to pose for a nice shot amongst the pumpkins, but the morning sunlight was really tough to deal with!

 Ah, here comes our hay ride!

The driver was really sweet.  Didn't seem to mind at all that we were the only customers in sight!

 Little kids and big kids love hay rides.  Don't you?

 Siennalee kept going back and forth sitting with Mommie and Daddy so she'd be sure to see everything from every angle possible.  Last year this ride was PACKED.

Jason took this with our point and shoot camera - I think it's so cute.  It totally captures the whole "whoa-what-a-big-field" and "why-in-heaven's-name-have-my-parents-brought-me-here" feeling of a toddler's first steps into a vast pumpkin field.

The hunters set off!

The farm hadn't mowed the field down yet, so we tromped through full size pumpkin leaves and vines searching for the perfect orange skinned quarry.

Mommie's punkin was found first.

Then the perfect lil punkin guy was spotted for Siennalee.


 Then we found the Daddy Punkin.

Awww.  ;)

It first had to pass a Sienna-and-Mommie inspection, of course.

The hay ride back!

The return hay ride brought more families out to that patch and then picked us up and took us back to the storefront.  Again we had the ride to ourselves.

Siennalee enjoyed the ride very much and chatted it up to us.

 One of my favorite pics of the day.  :)

Daddy and Siennalee had tickle fights on the trip back.  I probably shouldn't tell you who won most of them.

Still not telling.

Our loot from the pumpkin hunt.  Plus three Indian Corn and a small stuffed cow from home.

And guess what else - donuts!

Yesss, Davis Family Farms makes the most marvelous donuts - on site!  They do it mainly for the delectably enticing aroma, I suspect.  Because once you smell those freshly cooking donuts (which you can smell strongest from the return hay ride, actually), you absolutely cannot stop foraging through your pockets, purse, and car for loose change and anything of value that might be worth trading for one of these lucious pastries.  Ahhhh. 

...Where was I?

Don't you just love sweet endings?


Nicole Hotrum-Rice said...

What fun! I can't wait to go, twice! :-) I was just hit, seeing all the Sienna pictures, how much she has changed recently she is growing up too fast!!

Momae' said...

Very well done My Jessica..Happy Family.. happy life...full of JOY.