Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Cutenesses

As I type this, Siennalee is at the window. She's found a tiny friend. "Ooo, it's a wittle bug," she exclaims, "hi! Hiii! You could get on my finger. Wittle bug, you could get on my finger... Mommie, could you come see him - what he's doin'? Mommie, could you come see the bug with me?" Presently she's trying to feed him an apple seed. "He weally hungry," she informs me.

During a visit to Paul and Anne's house she found a sugar ant and, fascinated, watched him crawl all up and around her arm. Mouth open in amazement, she'd turn her arm this way and that so as to not miss a single inch of his journey along her soft skin.

We've had a few talks about how not all bugs should be touched. Hopefully these talks sink in on some level before we have a bite or a sting that too early robs my little girl of her childish bug rapture.


The other day Siennalee had a very loose poo, accompanied by the usual signal toots. I fetched her, changed her, and sent her off to play again. Before long, there were telltale signs of a second loose poo. Surprised at her having a second poo so soon, I moved to confirm this when Sienna clutched her backside with a rather confused look on her face and looked up at me, evidently sharing my surprise, and said, "What happened down 'dere?!"


Siennalee loves playing with her Little People (Fisher-Price Little People, not to be confused with TLC's Little People, Big World). She has a pretty good set of Little People so far, thanks to Christmas and Auntie, who saw very quickly that my nieces weren't interested in their Little People and so bequeathed them to a very grateful Siennalee. My neighbor Nicole has also donated to the Little People cause.

The Little People have very dramatic lives; including, but not limited to, running, hopping, and squealing, and sometimes randomly flying through the air in a school bus that doubles as a rocket (thank you Little Einsteins). They also have very involved getogethers and mingle freely with the Little People animals.

Lately Sienna has only been interested in playing with three blonde Little People girls. I secretly call them the Little People Mean Girls. No other Little People are allowed to play. Only the same three blondies. When all Little People are neatly tucked back into their empty Quaker Oatmeal containers each evening, the blondies are well hidden. And each morning, like clockwork, Siennalee marches over, upends the containers, spills out the Little People, and finds her friends.