Sunday, December 6, 2009

To Blog... or Not to Blog

I was born for blogging.  Really.  If you put a tiny computer screen on my forehead, you’d be shocked (and hopefully amused, if not horrified) at the commentaries, random bits of trivia, sarcastic remarks, and storylines that continuously run like breaking headlines and stock prices across my brain.

Now the problem isn’t me having material to blog, it’s actually getting it from brain to blog.  If I was a much more organized person I could probably be more successful at this.  But for now, juggling toddler, house-on-the-market, day to day meals, laundry, errands, and throw in bits of designing and photography – not to mention those miscellaneous things which do roll around - and you’ve got a Jessica at her full capacity.  Blogging, writing and reading are forced to live in the spare time, shoved up against the walls of impossibility and insanity. 

It’s with admiration tinged with longing that I read other mommy blogs – reveling in their daily experiences and the way they – against all odds – manage to be industrious and witty and capture it all for the encouragement, exhortation, and entertainment of little ol’ me.

For now, my own dear readers, I hope you’ll be content with my random postings.  I do enjoy you and hope you continue to enjoy me – when I can pull the blog-trigger.  Maybe I’ll make a New Year’s resolution to put blogging up there with, I don’t know, cooking and cleaning, and then my blog can enjoy some welcome regularity (as I navigate a messy house and flee a hungry and angry toddler).

Or, maybe I can finally get that USB port installed in my head…