Monday, December 22, 2008

Visiting Santa Claus!

Anne and I took the little girls to visit Santa Claus last Wednesday. Santa was surprisingly un-busy when we found him and we got to go right up and see him!

Isabella did quite well; she went right up and sat on his knee. Siennalee, however, was a little more suspicious. Why should she sit on this stranger's lap? Gracey broke into messy tears at the sight of Santa's ferocious beard and belly full of jelly.

Santa's helpers wanted Anne and me to sit with the girls, which we tried not to do, as the effect is just not as cute, but alas, in the end we had to give in, or just have one girlie in the picture. The result is cute enough, I suppose, as Anne and I are not too hard on the eyes, but I think we still would've preferred a picture with just Santa and the girls.

And since it's our absolute, timeless favorite, here's last year's visit with Old Saint Nick: