Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Days!

Our typically wet and gray Oregon winterscape was recently frosted with a thickly sparkling blanket of snow! Jason and I eagerly dressed Siennalee in her warmest layers, grabbed the camera, and ushered her out to meet this new experience.

Siennalee was enamored with the snow. She knew what it was right away. "Snnnoooooh" she told us with a hint of awe in her little voice.

Daddy gave tips on catching snowflakes.

Mommie followed suit. Those snowflakes were sneaky little guys!

Daddy and Siennalee tromped around though the snow, enjoying the soft powdery crunching beneath their feet and admiring their white-framed footprints.

We regretfully went back inside to warm up and dry off, but opened up all the blinds so we could view the feathery snowflakes as they continued to fall. We did our very best to enjoy the snow as much as we could - it might not make it back to visit for some time!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Blog? Really?

So why a blog? Why join the mania?

Growing up in Oregon I seldom saw my grandparents who lived in Texas. We'd do our best to pack years' worth of memories into our brief visits, but somehow the miles apart still took their toll. Now I have a daughter of my own with grandparents and great grandparents living across the country. I also have dear friends who make their homes in states far away from mine.

So why a blog?

This blog will be my sincere attempt to close that distance between us all. My goal is to have at least one post a week, complete with a picture or two. Little random updates on what we've been up to and Siennalee's latest milestones.

So why join the mania?

I like people. And I miss my friends and family far away. I've come to see that blogs are like the little folded notes we used to pass in school. Little tidbits of fun nothings or very important views on life and love. I'm joining the mania because I miss you and want to get to know you again. I want you to know the wonderful person who is my husband Jason and the remarkable little lady my daughter Siennalee is growing to be. So bottom line: I'd love for you to read my blog. And I'd love, just as much, to read yours.