Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Big Girl Journey: Milestones

 This weekend a new milestone was achieved in the Kantola household.    

Daddy took a break from college football to tackle the project.

 The instructions proved that while they were written by someone who probably spoke English, the writer himself had most likely never actually assembled, disassembled, and then reassembled one of these bad boys.

 Little helper.

Did Daddy want the Phillips or the flat head?

 It's hard to tell in the still picture, but here Siennalee is mid-jump - a sure sign that she's excited.


 Um guys?  This isn't looking so great...

 Ah, that's better.  Even the cow approves.

 Everybody needs a helping hand every so often - even a little one.


The finished project!
(Temporarily minus the adorable window valance.)

Oh!  What a cute little big girl bed.  :)


Nicole Hotrum-Rice said...

What fun! Hope it is an easy transition!

Anna said...

Yay Siennalee! Hope the transition goes well! Big Girl!

Momae' said...

Jessica... you knew I would notice the valance..hence your comment ..I had to compliment your astuteness...Momae'..hugs.

Lovely family. Happy Home.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

That is an adorable little girl bed! *ahem* Pardon me. It's an adorable BIG girl bed. Way to go, Siennalee!