Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sweet Baaa Box

Siennalee got a package from Nana and Papa! Inside was a wonderful box of adorable books and sing-along CD's sure to be cute and very entertaining. And then there was one more thing. One more thing that was sweet, fluffy, white, and if you squeeze this one more thing just so, it baaa's in a very charming babyish baaa sort of way.

Thanks Nana and Papa!


Anonymous said...

Holy baby tails she is funny/cute/precious! I heart her!
Cousin Terryl

Momae' said...

Aaah. Terryl saw it before Nana. Jessica a better daughter in law nobody has had before. Papa will probably tear up just like Nana when he sees this slideshow.
What a fabulous way to start an east coast day.