Friday, August 1, 2008

Summertime Siennalee Snippets (So Far)

I'm behind in my snippets, I know, so here is my catch up for the summer so far:

Siennalee has made it up to "G" in her ABC's! She'll say the other parts, too, but sometimes gets them mixed up a bit: "Q, R, X... dubble X, jabber jabber jabber..." :)

She's starting to string words together well. The other day she got her shoes (see snippet story below) and told me "Walk park, Mama!"

Her newest phrase is "Lookit dis!" or "Lookit dat!"

The other day she was playing with my cell phone (a rare treat) and she suddenly went still, stared at the phone with her eyebrows up, and announced to me "Flowers on dere!" (There is a picture of red poppies on my phone's wallpaper.)

She can count up to ten. Sometimes creatively, but she can do it nonetheless.

She can put her shoes on - even correct feet sometimes! But she doesn't do the velcro "buckles" yet.

She loves her doggy and easily says his name, "Racer!"

She loves to see trucks "See tuck, Mama! Look. Look tuck, Mama." She'll also describe them, "Big tuck!"

She'll correctly identify things in numbers, "Two puppies, Mommie!"

Her imagination is kicking in already. The other morning she told me, "Dacey, Bey-ya at 'ome. Dacey poopy!" (Translation: Gracey and Bella are at home. Gracey's most likely poopy. It does happen you know.)

Two year old tantrums are well into rearing their better-hide-that-smile-behind-your-hand-and-make-your-voice-sound-serious uglycuteugly heads.

She's doing very well learning to obey... there was a time there when I thought I'd never see her stop or even hesitate when instructed to stop or not to do something. Thank you, God!

She readily helps with getting herself dressed. She also loves to unfold clothes and will carry them around the house.

When I go into her room to get her up in the mornings and after naps she greets me with, "Downsteers, Mama! Downsteers!" (She wants to get up and go downstairs where all the fun must be happening.)

Siennalee will parrot just about anything. The other day we were with Anne and the girls and Anne told them, "Let's go! C'mon, double time!" And Sienna chimed in, "Dubble hime!" In fact, she'll often say it even now, "Dubble hime!"

She's also picked up a few gems from me: "Gwoss!" (gross) "Pook!" (puke)

Here's a couple little stories from early June:

Today when I went to get Siennalee up from nap she was very concerned about something. In fact, when I’d been watching her play before she saw me, I saw her move all her blankets and babies away from something on the mattress. When I went in, she showed me and said “Spit, spit, Mama. Wash.” She’d spit up and knew it needed to be washed!

When she was looking at a book she saw a picture and said “Fish!” and made the fish face. I’d shown her the fish face for a day or two now, but haven’t seen her volunteer it on her own yet. YAY!

Little story from July:

Nana, visiting with Papa from PA, taught Sienna to say "Vamoose!" We were all sitting in church and the pastor was praying when Nana leaned over to help Siennalee with something and Sienna said to her "Vamoose!" It was then time to head to nursery.


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Awwe. She's growing up so quickly!

Mommy Liz said...

Hahahahaha. Vamoose! love it! Katie saw some lady talking on the cell today and looked right at her and mouthed 'blah blah blah'. Arent our girlios brilliant? Miss you guys!