Monday, August 18, 2008

Awaken the Fairy Lily

Something very precious has awakened in my home. A Fairy Lily has bloomed. This lily has slept peacefully in my care since last summer, when it traveled up from Texas as a frail snippet of a plant and was tenderly tucked into a terracotta container by my mother.

We had been visiting my grandparents who live in Longview, Texas and at the end of our visit, as she always does, my grandmother sent precious cuttings and snippets of her beloved plants back home with my mother.

For a year, this teeny fairy lily has graced me with slender green fingers, sometimes wilting, sometimes waning, but always sending green shoots back to me.

And now, to my great surprise and delight, she's bloomed. No doubt her mother, the gorgeous plant from whence she came, has been blooming for quite some time down in her Texas home where she lives outside and blooms beautifully in the heavy southern air.

What a sweet pink connection my Fairy Lily has blossomed for my mother, my grandmother, and me.


Amy said...

How pretty! Will this continue to add more blooms to it? How often will it bloom?

Jessica and Jason said...

Amy - I don't know if it will continue to bloom or not. In Texas, my grandmother's Fairy Lily blooms quite often, like any other outdoor flowering plant. I had no idea mine would bloom here as an indoor plant. It's wild! I really hope to see more blooms on it!

Momae' said...

How delicate the lily appears. My oh my, the richness of life with creation of plants and family.