Saturday, August 9, 2008

Five Years

Five years ago today Jason and I were married in a beautiful garden just outside Junction City. I can hardly believe it's been five years, and yet I can't believe it's been only five years. We've had five years of change, discovery, warm familiarity, wide eyed wonder, hand clasped friendship, new life, growing love, difficult worry, wild times, heart skipping joy, salty tears, belly laughs, and beautiful, beautiful togetherness.

As we wrote in our wedding program, "And most of all, we give abundant thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for His unending faithfulness shown in every facet of our lives. Only You could have created such a beautiful gift and loved us enough to give it to us."

Jason, you are my friend, my partner, my companion, the father of my daughter, the warmth on the other side of the bed, the taster of my dinners, the winner of my heart, and the great love of my life. If five years is this awesome, I can hardly wait til 50!

I'll leave it with the lines of a song I used to sing to you often:

When the day comes
that I don't love you,
every star
will fall out of the sky,
every mountain will
tumble down,
every river run dry.
Brookes & Dunn


Robertson Family said...

Jessica, that was so sweet...Those pictures are awesome! Happy 5 years!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Yay! Happy 5th Anniversary!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful post and a beautiful couple! Happy anniversary!

Laura said...

What a wonderful post! Happy Anniversary! I love the wedding pics!

The Hotrum Family said...

Have a wonderful anniversary weekend! Happy 5 Years!!!!!

Mark, Eva, Anders said...

Congratulations Jason and Jessica! I love that first picture so much!

Karen said...

What an awesome post! The time really does fly by.

Anonymous said...

*sniffle sniffle* you're welcome ;^}

Cousin Terryl

Momae' said...
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Momae' said...

OMG...What a daughter-in-love.
Gary and I are indeed grateful and humbled by the woman our son chose to share his life.

Jamie said...

Wow what a beautiful post and gorgous pictures, you can really see the love there.