Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Living in the typically temperate Willamette Valley makes AC a short-lived luxury rather than a an absolute necessity. So with the super warm weather we had last week, I became quite creative finding ways to cool us off.

We would open up all the windows (and sometimes doors!) at night to welcome in the cooler air and then shut the house back up in early morning, capturing and keeping (or trying to) that beautifully cool air.

Siennalee would get cool baths at night before bed and then receive a good lathering up with her bedtime baby lotion and fall asleep under a watchful fan.

But my very favorite creative way to cool off was introducing Siennalee to the Popsicle.

She took to it right away, can you believe it?

I now get regular requests for "poppets."

It's a seasonal dish, of course, and therefore isn't available daily, but it sure is cute to get the request!


Momae' said...

oooh Jessica. Papa is going to love these pictures. Your comments are so compelling. Did Jason remember that his Grandmama used to make her grandkids popsicles from a homemade recipe using jello?
On August 2 after my brothers' daughters wedding, I looked over as we were helping to clean up. My brother said, "This calls for two popsicles." He relished away his cold sugary treat. Alden grandparents always gave either homemade icies or popsicles to get through the summer heat. (We grinned pretending we were kids again.)

Laura said...

Yummy poppets! What a fun way to cool off!