Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 Year Anniversary Presents

For our 5 year anniversary, Jason and I got very special presents for each other.

The very first gift Jason ever gave me was a hydrangea plant. He sent it to me during the first week we began dating. It was a special symbol as it had been included in (and remembered from) several of our countless "getting-to-know-you" talks which invariably included various interests and likes/dislikes. He knew I loved to garden and I'd told him how much I liked hydrangeas. He thought their ability to change blossom color in various dirt pH's was pretty cool. Later at our wedding, we would have hydrangea blossoms and plants decorating everything from the wedding altar to the wedding cake.

Last year, as we celebrated our 4th Anniversary apart (Jason was in Kuwait), he'd sent me a sweet little hydrangea with a note asking if I remembered the ones from our wedding. Well duh. I'm a girl. That's my job. :)

So this year I returned the sweet gesture. I got him a hydrangea plant.

This new plant is a climbing hydrangea which we'll put in our shady place in the front yard. It's got variegated leaves and will have pretty white flowers one day next year. Jason liked it very much and can't wait to see it grow in our yard!

For my present, Jason fulfilled a sweet promise he made to me years ago.
I got diamond earrings.

He ordered the earrings from the same place he got my engagement ring and our wedding bands.

I was so surprised and happy! And oh so pretty!


The Hotrum Family said...

WOW!!! They are beautiful! The earings and the plant!!!

Staci said...


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

awwwwe... how thoughtful.

Amy said...

So, so pretty! Those are bigger than mine :) hehe

Anonymous said...

Nice score, Jess! =) TK

Momae' said...

What a sugar bear...!
Lovely in your lobes!

Mark, Eva, Anders said...

Diamonds ARE a girls best friend- he obviously has this insight down.
Good job Jason.