Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Photography Adventure

Last Saturday I had the fabulous opportunity to assist my very talented sister-in-law Anne and also-talented-but-with-a-goatee brother Paul through a day of wedding photography.

The bride and groom were not only perfectly lovely but participated wholeheartedly in all the poses and shots Anne could devise.

Photogenic and adventurous, they were a photographer's dream!

The sweet and talented Hannah was on hand as a third shooter.

Three shooters ensured the wedding coverage was more than sufficient.

Shooting paparazzi-style

Anne works very hard to capture all those little details that will melt away into the shadows once the big day is over.

The wedding was held in a century barn that afforded fantastic backdrops for Anne and Paul's photographic creativity.

Paul and Anne make a fun and dynamic team.

Two sets of creative eyes make certain no pretty detail is left uncaptured.

Paul and Anne, it was such a blast working with you! I hope to be able to assist with many more weddings in the future!

Photographer fabulous.


Laura said...

looks like a fun day!!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Hi Jessica - fun pictures!

Amy said...

Doesn't look like your bro and sil are the only ones with talent! Go get a Rebel girl and get to work!!

Staci said...

What a great setting for a wedding!

Momae' said...

Yessss. I agree with the others...You have talent to show off.