Thursday, June 5, 2008

Siennalee's First Recital!

Disclaimer: As you will notice, I am playing catch up on some of my blogging. The month of May just happened to be one of those months fraught with all those extra things (like dentist appts, sicknesses, and other random time thieves) that keep you from blogging. I'll try to add any pertinent dates to the posts that really require them. :)

So on to the fun stuff!

iennalee's First Recital!

Siennalee's first music recital was Saturday, May 17th! It was precious to see her up there with her little class. Unfortunately a couple kids were out on vacation, but the ones we had there were faithful little musicians and had a lot of fun.

Siennalee is the youngest one out of the class but manages just fine! She danced and played her instruments and did all her little motions just like she should to the three songs they "performed." Miss Mary, the teacher, had the songs cued up on a CD player and played them, along with distributing instruments and props for each song. I went up and stood behind Sienna just like we do in class and so she was right at home and quite comfortable in front of the crowd (who does that sound like? ;0>).

After their performance, I was ready to leave, but Jason thought we should stay as long as we could for the older kids' performances. Amazingly, Siennalee sat very still and all rapt attention on my mom's lap! She took in all the clumsy piano pieces, guitar solos, and musical duets. It was so sweet!

All in all, Siennalee's first recital was a roaring success! Jason and I couldn't be prouder!

(aside: we did get the recital on video, but I seem to be having technical difficulties retrieving the video from the video camera... I may have to call in my IT guy - uh, that'd be Jason...)

The recital was held at The River Center which is the facility owned by a church in Lebanon, Oregon.

Sitting on Grammie's lap, waiting for our class's time slot.

On stage! Just before the first song.
(These pictures turned out darker than we'd hoped.)

Getting ready for "Old MacDonald Had A Band" which is like the original song but with instruments for the animals. Pretty cute.

Old MacDonald Had a Band!

Preparing for the second song of the set.

The second was a Wiggles song (you may remember our ill-fated concert attempt from a previous post) which involves adorable white teddy bears and rocking them to sleep. Siennalee LOVES this song. She's a huge fan of bears...well, anything cuddly, really.

And now for the hard part: Song's over, time to return the bear.

"See how Mommie returns her bear? You can do it!"

The last song of the set was a ribbon song. It involved making the ribbon dance wildly to the fun music and then making your ribbon rest when the music suddenly stopped. Then that wily music would start up again and off your ribbon would go!

Dance, ribbon, dance!

She's pretty good at this.

Music stops. She and her ribbon both rest.

Our family - goofy pic.

We're so proud of our girlie!


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