Friday, June 6, 2008

The Green Report

I'm happy to report my garden is growing along beautifully! It's survived a week or so of quite unseasonably HOT weather and then days of sudden drops in temperatures following closely behind.

While my tomato plants are roughing it a bit in these cool weeks... lettuce is thriving!

In fact, I've been able to harvest several salads and fresh fixin's for sandwiches and burgers from the gorgeous, green, organic bounty. My peas have finally begun to take off (they didn't care much for the hot weather and are now living it up in this cool June air)...

...and I anticipate picking them with Jason and Siennalee very soon. The potato plants are beginning to flower a pretty purplish bud and my squash and pumpkin plants are juuust tolerating the cool...

... can you see 'em in the picture? Just you wait, they're quietly growing along, ready to spring forth once the weather warms.

Marigolds stand sentry around my garden box... the pretty red, gold, and yellow blooms are a natural deterrent to many pests who would love to munch on my hard work. Growing on either side of the marigolds in the picture above are baby sweet peas... once they bloom, they'll serve to attract beneficial insects like bees who will help pollinate the waiting fruit flowers.

I mean, how pretty is this?

All in all, things are growing quite nicely. Jason and I look forward to a good summer of good organic eating!


Momae' said... should see the results of the seeds I planted.

Laura said...

Awesome garden!!