Friday, June 20, 2008

Newest Member of the Kantola Family

I'd like to announce that our newest family member should be arriving in the coming week. He is a little over three years old and about 73.5 pounds. :)

His name is Racer and he is a Belgian Malinois (pronounced Mal-in-wah).

In one of the very first correspondence emails I had with the breeder, Penny Winegartner, she described Racer as below:

Malinois are dogs that really want to be part of a person's or family's life [so] that getting the bond between you is usually pretty easy. I actually have a young male Malinois (Racer) who would be a very good fit for what you've described about your home life. Racer is just a bit over three years old and was in a home with small children until he was a bit over two years old. The man who had him wanted to do protection sports, but Racer just didn't have enough fight drive for him. Racer is extremely sweet, stable in temperament, moderate drive, very obedient (his obedience is almost good enough to take into the show ring), housebroken, use to small children, good around other animals and is looking for a person or a family to call his own. He is a very responsive dog and really wants to please his people. He is a dog that I consider to be safe in most circumstances. In short he's just about someone's perfect pet dog - I've just been waiting to find him the perfect home.

And now Racer's wait for his perfect home is over. Jason and I are so very excited to get to add him to our family. We're really looking forward to all kinds of adventures with our newest hiking and camping buddy and we're so pleased Siennalee will be able to grow up with such a wonderful companion and furry friend.

Look out for many more posts involving this sweet mug to come!


Momae' said...

Sweetpea's squeals told it today.

Josiah said...

"I love you, Doggie."