Friday, June 6, 2008

Meeting Bella

Nuthin' cuter than a toddler and a puppy...

This past week we drove down to Uncle Mel and Auntie Donna's house to spend some time with them and Jason's sister Cheri. One of the biggest draws, besides seeing these special family members, who else Cheri was bringing with her for our visit.

Meet Bella. She's an 8 week old red Doberman pup and Chad and Cheri's newest furry baby.

I'll say it again: Todder + puppy = devastating cuteness.

Both little girls were munching on shared saltine crackers. Sienna would head inside, nab crackers from on the kitchen table, and bring them back out share.

Auntie Cheri finally brought out some treats a little more geared towards puppy taste.

"Now remember, these are for Bella... not for you."

There we go.

And for your viewing pleasure, I present Toddler and Puppy: How Cute Is That...


Momae' said...

I am so glad you know how to post and display pictures on this site..nanna and papa are blessed.

Mark, Eva, Anders said...

I can see it now! Siennalee is going to be a proffessional doggie trainer!! Thanks for viewing and commenting on our blog! Miss you guys!!