Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hiking Mary's Peak: Take Two

The weather was just barely sociable weekend before last and so Jason and I decided to make a break for it up to Mary's Peak. We knew we'd possibly get rain, but hey, we're Oregonians; rain we can DO, but snow... Ahhh, at last the snow has departed for higher places. And now we scramble up to the new green-ness, just finally freed from winter's white hand.

The trip was mostly a success; the parts that were not included a giant, rudely yellow, metal arm stretching across the road, advising us of its continued closure and that we would not be able to access any trails beyond. Also included in the less than successful details is the fact that this mountain is wonderfully accessible, but sadly not just to us, and so we had to share with groups of other (louder) hikers. Not to mention the nasty nasty litterbugs.

But, joy! We went back to an excellent trail, now free from snow, and hiked it a good way until we were blocked by quite a large tree fallen over the trail. Jason and I paused, exchanged looks, and considered the group of hollering hikers just up ahead of us. And then there was our cranky baby, now well past the time she preferred to lunch and then to be rocked and put down for her usual nap. So we turned back.

I have a feeling that we may need to take a few more running starts before we can finish what Jason and I once used to consider a meager day hike, but until then, we're all enjoying said running starts as well as each other under the big fir trees.

Siennalee and her currently preferred method of hiking.

Off to the big trees!

Beautiful valley views.

Misty mountains.

One of my many stops to appreciate the beauty.

BIG trees.

More peeks of the valley below.

Hi Jess. Did you stop again? (Can you see Siennalee's adorable little face?)

Mountain wild flower. We think this one is called Oxilas.

Wild strawberries.

The beautiful little stream violet!

When I was walking beneath this beautiful green canopy I half expected to see a teeny fairy princess flit in front of my path.

Free from the Kelty Kids Carrier!

Hey Daddy! Where you goin'?

This is a lot more work than riding in the Kelty! Whew!

Ooooo, pretty mountain.

We gotta do this again!


Amy said...

You guys got some great shots!

Jamie said...

These are beautiful pictures. What a gorgous hike. I love baby girl's smile in the last pic, she looks so content.

Momae' said...

What photograhy and comments! I can feel the moisture on my skin and smell the pristine air.

Staci said...

Gorgeous pictures! Really makes me want to get out in the mountains!!!