Thursday, June 5, 2008

Siennalee Snippets

She loves to dance to the Monk theme song!

She has just learned to make the spider for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and just adores the song!

Siennalee loves to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 (even more than Sesame Street).

She'll point out all spiders (" 'Pider, Mama!") and bugs ("Butt, Mama!").

She loves pretty things ("Pitty, Mama! A pitty, Mama!").

She's become an earnest lover of animals - we've gotta get her that puppy soon!

She suddenly began loving blankets ("Bankie, Mama!") all on her own. We'd never referred to blankets as Blankies or Bankies before.

She now loves to be rocked before bedtime and naptime. It used to be "rott, rott" and is now "rock, rock" - emphasis on the "k."

Everything is "here" - "Daddy's here" "Mama's here" "More bite here!"

She started saying "up there"

She started saying "herego" for here you go.

Sienna really really REALLY likes purses. Shoes, too. Hey, she's a girl, what can I say?

She is really getting into pretend playing. She gets her baby, her hat, her phone, her bag and/or purse and says "Bye! Bye!" as she heads toward the front door. Then she comes right back saying "Hi! Hi!"

She loves to say hi to people on the phone and blows them kisses.

She LOVES to be outside. It's tough on her that we can't stay outside forever.

She's learning the hard lessons of discipline and timeouts and doing fairly well (as long as she's not overly sleepy!).

Siennalee loves to jabber; she so wants to communicate she'll move right past words so she can talk faster, but each jibberjabber is filled with meaning and she fully expects me to listen and understand what she's earnestly telling me.

She has the same little off center dimple that made me fall in love with her daddy.

She has those same blue eyes of the people I've loved all my life.


Amy said...

Awww, I loved reading this post. What a sweet little girl.

Robertson Family said...

What a sweetie! So fun!

Momae' said...

Our precious Angel