Monday, May 21, 2012

Milestones: Last Day of Preschool

Well, at the risk of sounding ridiculously cliche - I'll say it: where has the time gone?

But of course I know where it's gone, it's been lovingly, purposefully, eagerly looked forward to, experienced, and then carefully tucked into memory.  The time has been taken and spun into gold with which we line these lovely moments, big and little, and treasure them up for years to come.

Today is my Sweetheart's last day of Preschool.  For her it's another day, nothing too special, except that Mommie did her hair very carefully and got her a new outfit to dress up in.  School might be coming to an end, but she'll still see most of her friends on playdates and at church, and even a few will be joining her at the local Kindergarten in the fall.

But for this Mommie, who remembers touching the milestones of many first and last days, it's one of those lovely little ordinary blessings that makes our life so extraordinarily rich.

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