Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today marks three weeks and six days that Siennalee and I have been in Albany.  It's been a simply beautiful time.  Three sweet weeks and six sweet days of relaxing, enjoying each other, meeting with friends, being honored with an intimate baby shower, making crafts, loving on family, and missing Jason terribly.  Three weeks and six days - all in anticipation of the big event happening tomorrow.

In the wee hours of tomorrow, Jason and I will pack up and drive to Riverbend Hospital, and after a few simple steps of checking in, slipping into a hospital gown (and scrubs), and undergoing a little procedure known as cesarean section, we will finally get to meet our second little girl.

These days spent in wait for this little darling have been so special.  Siennalee and I have truly enjoyed every moment, despite the bittersweet ones of missing Daddy and Husband.  We have been so blessed with family and friends.  It's beautiful and strange to be on the last page of a chapter - feeling so full of heart when thinking of the pages before and so filled with excitement and anticipation for the pages that are to come.  

It's nearly time for me to finish packing up my hospital bags and make sure my toenails are pretty (yes, I can still reach them!).  Below are some of my favorite images from these sweet days.  ...I have a feeling the next images I share in upcoming posts will likely also number among my very favorites.

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Jen Rouse said...

Such beautiful pictures. So glad that your anticipation is about to be rewarded!

Rebekah said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

so sweet.