Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet Saturday Mornings

Siennalee is at her easel, thinking the deep thoughts of artists.  "Daddy!  I need you to come hold this flower."

Daddy is on the couch, contentedly watching football. "Why?"

"Because I want to draw a picture of you." 

It's said so sweetly, both parents let out an "awww," and Jason is off the couch in a blink while I grab my camera.  It has, after all, been a while since I've blogged.  And I do so love to capture these sweet moments.

(Photographer's note: Please enjoy the typical-Saturday-ness props in the background.  They are there purely for this Saturday Morning Photo Shoot.  Why yes, yes I am crossing my fingers behind my back...)

Daddy's always a good subject.  Aside from his Boy Hair and beard.

The artist and her creation.

"I don't really know how to do BOY hair," the artist confessed.

The artist posing with her subject.

Then the subject and artist then had to trade places.  (I love the look on her face.)

Not sure if the original subject's creation was what the original artist envisioned, but the photographer sure enjoyed it all.


Jen Rouse said...

This is so very, very adorable :)

Blue Cotton Memory said...

I am so glad you got out your camera! I love the pictures and not knowing how to draw boy hair. It reminded me of when my soldier son was little and he didn't know how to draw hands so he put them in the character's pockets! LOL Come back and blog sooooooonnnnnnnn!

anne said...

This is so darn cute!

Rebekah said...

You captured this well.