Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Hearts Day: Our First Date

I realize Valentine's Day is often deservedly maligned and overrated.  A source of guilt and disappointment.  A reminder of things lost or things not yet arrived.  I well know all the reasons to avoid the day of red and pink.

But I, as I may blog on later, do like the day.  Lord knows I waited long enough for THE guy to come along before I gave my own heart away for keeps.  During the long wait, I did my share of solo Valentine's Days; hung out with girlfriends, bought my own chocolates, watched Meg Ryan movies.  Result: I'm pretty balanced when it comes to the big Puffy Hearts, Over Priced Roses, One-More-White-Teddy-Bear Day.

So that being said and my qualifications out there, I welcome the holiday.  And to celebrate its coming arrival, I post a picture of the very first date of Jason Kantola and Jessica Nunn.

Alas, my legs were so tan.  ...sniffle.


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I haven't given much thought to V-Day yet this year. However, I did get John to rent a romantic comedy for us to watch last night. I figured one out of 20 movies could be a genre of my choice.
The Proposal: funny stuff.
(Do you think I should be a professional movie reviewer?)

Jen Rouse said...

Love that picture! You look gorgeous. OF COURSE he ended up marrying you after going out on a date with such a hottie :)