Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Visit to Crater Lake

We decided to take a trip to Crater Lake National Park while Mom was down visiting for the New Year holiday.  Despite living in Oregon for over 35 years, this was Mom's very first visit to Crater Lake and we were pretty happy to be able to take her.

Crater Lake National Park is about a 45 minute drive (depending on the weather) from Klamath Falls and we bought a season pass to be able to go whenever we want (however, we discovered in that in the winter there's no fee to enter the park.  I guess they figure if you can make it up there through the snow/ice/weather/nutty drivers then you deserve to get in for free).

Upper Klamath Lake is fairly shallow and will ice over and thaw very quickly.  Here you can just see the cracks scarring the ice surface of the lake. 
 I love this barn.  The wide angle lens on my camera can't quite capture it the way I want, but it's gorgeous.  The mountains rising in the background and the snowy fields - just breathtaking.  At some point I'll return with a lens that can catch the view juuust the way I want it.

 The drive up to the Park is gorgeous, especially with the (huge) snow pack and the giant red Ponderosa pines with green branches frosted with snow. 

 The snow pack on the sides of the road grew to where we could hardly see over it.  It was a little intimidating.  (Glad I wasn't driving!)

 My pretty little Mommie.

 Taking it all in.

 Gorgeous Crater Lake.

Beautiful Mom.

The Lodge and Bookstore/Cafe - nearly buried in the snow.

Hello SNOW!

Jason pulled over to, um, sample the snow pack.

Mom was full.

Siennalee got her chance to snag some snow, too.

Snow: pretty - and tasty, too.


Rebekah said...

I was hoping for pictures! Is the lodge open in the winter? I'd love to stay there with my hubby, but only if it is heated and there is food to purchase.

mrsturtlemama said...

Truly one of my favorite places and I've never been there in the winter, so thanks for the pics! You certainly do have a beautiful mama. :)

sister said...

Oh it's BEAUTIFUL in the winter!!