Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gunther: Kantola Kitty

Gunther is now around 15 weeks (by my best guess) and has fit into our family like he's always been here.  He's a funny little cat with the most beautiful coloring and giant, velvety paws.  

He has excellent cat skills: he took right to the new (covered) litter box we got him and did just fine with his new food (although he does seem to be a nibbler - but aren't all cats?).  He was a bit dazed by the Kerrisdale house when we first got him at Christmas, but once we moved him down to the Klamath Falls Townhouse he immediately began waltzing around like he owned the place.  Cats.
From what his mama's owner told me, he comes from an excellent mousing line and exhibits this in his daily play.  Gunther will stalk with his ears lowered like he's a lion in the tall grass who doesn't want the tips of his ears to give him away, he's "silent but deadly" until he leaps out from beneath the dust ruffle or chair, jumping on hind legs with "arms" extended to grab your leg or foot, claws velveted (unless it's late at night, then the hunter is unquenchable, apparently).

  He also has claimed a small plush unicorn toy (who we refer to as "The Victim") that he carries around the townhouse in his mouth and occasionally drags into the dark depths below the beds like a smaller (and only slightly less terrifying) version of Ghost and the Darkness.

Siennalee and Gunther are fast friends... 
although at times fickle.

My Sweetheart is learning to be gentle with this cuddly and warm new friend.
The oft repeated "be gentle!" reminder/admonishment doesn't always stick though, and at these points I'm happy that Gunther is able to employ his rather loud MEEEAAAOOOW! and also that he has his thin, needle-sharp kitty claws and teeth.  (As a former child pet lover myself, I must own that I spent most of my growing up years with kitty scratches decorating the length and breadth of my little arms.  Cat scratches are par for the child pet lover course.)

Siennalee and Gunther have their activities they enjoy together.  This includes, of course, running through the house - screaming - chasing each other, one holding and one dangling as they march up and down the stairs, acrobatics with the kitty teaser (fabulous kitty toy), bird watching....

And Gunther gets to take rides in the baby stroller.  He must enjoy it on some level, because he stays put.

Although, being a cat, he can't really just give in to something without at least a bit of attitude.

A few of my very favorite Siennalee/Gunther observations and interactions (to date):
  • “Mommie, come look in my backpack!”  Siennalee is wearing said backpack, zipped up and ready to go.  Guess who’s inside.  Gunther.  I now regard all zipped and bulging bags and backpacks with a certain anxiety.
  • Siennalee is working tirelessly to teach Gunther to walk on his hind legs.  The blame for this may lie at my feet as I continually allow cartoons/shows where the animals do, in fact, travel on two hind legs.  
  • Siennalee observing to me: "Gunther is really hungry, that's why he is licking himself."

Gunther is also the very first cat I've had that actually sleeps in a bed meant for him.

And of course, since Gunther *is* a cat, he sleeps wherever else he wants to, too.

    And a bit of Gunther Trivia:
    Gunther got his name from one of these full cheeked cuties.  Anybody wanna guess which one?
    (Hint: he's on the show my four-year-old is most likely to have watched *and* enjoyed.)


    mrsturtlemama said...

    Oh!! I have sooo many comments!!! First of...Gunther in Dennis the Menace...ha ha ha "A [uh] apple!" (oft repeated line at my house). :)

    Secondly, I, too was adorned head to toe with kitty scratches as a child since I had a propensity for dressing up my feline friends and putting them in my baby carriage. They were so embarrassed. :)

    Oh, and the backpack trick...been there, done that. You will be checking all totable containers for a long time, trust me.

    Gunther seems like the perfect match for Siennalee. :) I'd love to see them together!!!

    Jen Rouse said...

    Love the post, love the stories, love the pictures. "The Victim"--hilarious!

    And the answer to your question: Friends! Of course! It has to be Friends!

    Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

    Aw. Gunther looks pleased to have you guys in his house!

    (I LOVE the watermark, Jessica. Love it!)