Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy (first week of the) New Year!

Our very first week of the brand new year 2011 in our new home in Klamath Falls, Oregon!  New Townhouse is slowly turning into Cozy Townhome and we're enjoying every bit of the novelty of having our little family together every day as well as the adventure of living in a new part of our beautiful Oregon.  

 Part of the adventure of this new place is learning about (and adjusting to) the new altitude (around 4100 feet above sea level) and environment (DRY and COLD!).  It's also been a treat to be around so much snow (although driving in it can be a little nerve-wracking for Valley born-and-bred Jessica).  

Not much grows right now in this dry, icy air of the high desert winter, however we did come across something that seems to do quite nicely: the icicle.  They hang from the eaves and roofs and glitter and glow beautifully.  And boy do they ever grow...

A lesser known fact about the icicle - it can make a wonderful snack.

Happy New Year!


Robertson Family said...

Wow! Those are huge! SiennaLee is SO cute!

heather said...

I love that last photo of SiennaLee-what a doll!