Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Strawberry-Scented Horror

 Okay, let's get this over with.  Long story short, I smell like strawberries.

 The Mommie is constantly sticking this thing in my face.  I'm just glad she didn't have enough presence of mind to document the Pink Humiliation in the bathtub.

She sure did yell though when she came in and found me all smeared with the Sweetheart's pink smelly shampoo.  I guess at that point she knew she had to finish the whole lurid experiment - otherwise I'd probably still be all pink and slick and farting strawberry-scented bubbles.

The Mommie did what she could, and the Sweetheart might've felt kinda bad about it all - but in the end I was the one still wet and cold and shaking like a freaking chihuahua. 

 I've been licking and licking and licking - and really must advise you that though I may SMELL like strawberries, I do not TASTE like strawberries.

Ahhh, the Mommie had a stroke of genius and got this strangely warm and fuzzy thing out for me.  Life is looking better.

Okay, okay, let's make up.  You're lucky you're so cuddly and warm and can make me purr, Sweetheart.

...But just so you know, I'm gonna kill one of your favorite plush toys when you're not looking


Genny said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

mrsturtlemama said...

"Farting strawberry-scented bubbles!!!" That killed me!!

As a child I may or may not have subjected my unfortunate feline friends to this same fruity humiliation. I wouldn't be surprised if they plotted and successfully carried out the assassination of one of my stuffed animals in retaliation, either. :)