Friday, November 7, 2008

Heard in Our Little World Today:

"Oh Mommie, your hair is gor-jus," I'd just come into her bedroom this morning with a wet ponytail twisted into a bun, "I want to touch it," I went over to the crib and got her out, she put out a hand to the nape of my neck and withdrew it quickly, "It's really wet."


In the car, on our way to ladies' group: "We going go to church? And make new friends? Play with little boys? Play with friends..."


"Rock, rock! Rock, rock, Mommie! I crying!" This was actually in church nursery as I was trying to leave for ladies' group and she was to stay there with the other kids; she'd spied the rocking chairs behind us and thought some time in those would do just the trick.


"There's a book hiding in there; I want to get it out. It's really tight in there. Get it outta there, Mommie" She was fishing in the over-filled basket of books that lives beneath our coffee table.


As I'm typing this new post:

"Don't touch anything. That's a no no. Don't touch that, ookaaaay? Here's your box, and here's your blanket, and here's your bottle, and here's your... it's okay... don't touch anything, that's a no no, 'kaaay? 'Kaaay?" She's settling her babies in her grocery cart and instructing them on proper cart behaviour. I'm wiping tears from my eyes. LOL!



Robertson Family said...

LOVE the title...and of course the too cute sayings...thanks for sharing...

The Hotrum Family said...

Oh the "going to play with little boys" comment has me a bit worried! But the shopping cart with the babies is so stinking cute! Oh and the new picture of her at the top is captivating, it took me awhile to peel myself away from it, she is so beautiful....and those eyes, they are your eyes! WOW!!!!