Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Pancakies

Catch Up Post - September 26, 2008

Siennalee's 2nd birthday was on a Friday and Jason was traveling home from 10 days' AT in Georgia with the Navy Reserves. Since Daddy wasn't yet back with us and
the next day, Saturday, would be her birthday party, Sienna and I had a sweetly quiet birthday breakfast on her special day.

Birthday pancakes were 'specially made for the birthday girl, by the birthday mommie.

She loves pancakes!

She wasn't too impressed with the candles though... kept informing me, alarmed, that they were "hot!" I assisted in blowing them out, but here you see she's still not to crazy about them befouling her "pancakies."

Little bit better once Mommie helped pick these pesky candles out...

"Take it, Mommie!"


Anthony and Kristi - said...

I love that video!! It's too cute! Happy, Happy Birthday to Siennalee!! :)

Momae' said...

Adorable. What a wondeful read after my quick trip to TX. Papa and I have enjoyed this breakfast entree' for three days. YOU are the best daughter in law in the WHOLE WORLD.