Friday, September 17, 2010

Inevitable Evolution

My little girl is starting to say her l's.

Of course, when I say "say" what I really mean is that she's beginning to correctly pronounce the letter "l" with the "l-l-l" sound rather than the "w" sound.  She's actually beginning to sound exactly like her cousin Isabella, whose unique way of saying the "l" sound has delighted me since Bella began using it.

While do I of course enjoy hearing Siennalee's speech maturing, in quiet moments I find myself fondly reminiscing of the days of "I Siennawee" and "Oh wook at his wittle wegs!"  Don't get me wrong - I don't wish for my child to spend years in speech therapy (I myself had at least one year devoted to re-learning to say my s's; "My name ith Jethica.") or having fun poked at her by other kids boasting better pronunciation skills (thankfully my daughter is bigger than most of her peers, not that I advocate violence - really just the possibility of it often does the trick).

But moments like these, such as listening to a newly acquired skill being employed and practiced at every turn, moments like these do give a mama cause to smile, step back and wipe surreptitiously at suspiciously moist eyes while savoring yet another of the wonders of this most precious and holy calling: Mommyhood.


Jen Rouse said...

Lucy still doesn't say her L's, or R's, or S's very well. Which is a problem considering her first name has an L and an S-sound, and her last has an R and an S as well. She went to preschool and apparently it was a good thing the teacher had nametags on the kids, because no one could understand when she said her name! I'm hoping it resolves itself over time...

Jessica and Jason said...

Facebook Comments:

Holly Kohler - Need a "wike" button.
Friday at 10:21am

Nicole Hotrum - This nailed how I am feeling on the head this morning. While we want our children to grow and mature at the same time we want to hold so tightly to the little people they were...growing is so good though, both for Mommys and Babies...tears are a part of the growing pains...
Friday at 10:59am

Christina Fehly Simms - cute Jess. :o) "L" is for Love, also which would be a better button right now for this. " Loves this"
Friday at 11:01am

Cassie Wicks - Awww! Way to go, Siennalee! I have to admit, I adore my little Declan's, "I wuv you, mama!" and his cute little "wegs". He'll be pronouncing things correctly before too long, so I'll just enjoy it for now. :)
Friday at 11:02am