Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost and Found

It's been a bumpy year, I'll admit it.  Since my blog sabbatical began in May (this is what I'm terming the previous silent months :) ), there have been some big changes in our family.  The first was Jason getting a very well deserved promotion, the second was the substantial move that the promotion would require.  These were big changes. 

We moved fast.  Jason began his new position, located in Klamath Falls, and I went down with him to secure a suitable geobachelor pad.  He then began the new schedule of working in Klamath Falls during the week and each Friday driving back (3 hours, 40 minutes) to our home in Albany to spend the weekend with us.   Our beloved home was put on the market (where it continues to wait for that perfect buyer). 

Siennalee and I have settled into a weekly routine together; it's sweet and tasking at the same time - I'll readily admit that there are very good reasons God had daddies come home at the end of the days.  It's not easy being the sole local parent and dog owner and house owner as well as my other functions, but God continues to give us extra grace for now. 

Some days I feel lost in transition.  At any point, our home could sell and we could be boxing up our lives and moving the almost 4 hours south.  At any point, I could be saying goodbye to friends I've worked so hard to make here in Albany and heading to city unknown to start all over again.  Then there's the other side - endless weeks without Jason and Daddy stretch on before us.  Either way, it's daunting. It's easy to feel lost.

But that's where my own power of choice shines through the murky darkness of feelings.  Every day God is faithful to provide opportunities for me to stretch myself beyond the scary unknown and focus on what's here in front of me.  Every day I'm able to choose what to find in today.  Friendship, value, new life, milestones, giggles.  Felicity.  I can find it all.  Even with a future that feels a little lost, I can find all that I need in today, if I choose. 


Robertson Family said...

beautifully written as always:-)

The Hotrum Family said...

Welcome back! I love having you so close and yet know it has got to be difficult to be separated. Been praying that that perfect buyer will come and you can be reunited as a family full time! I sure will miss you soooo much though!

Jen Rouse said...

Love the new title. I too, will be sad when the time comes that you have to move because I have loved getting to know you this past year! But I know you'll be even more happy and at peace when your family is together again for more than a few days at a time.

Holly said...

Amen, Jessica. God is proud of you!