Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Haircut!

September 12th

It was time.  I had stubbornly put it off, hoping for a thick, glossy growth spurt - but, alas, it was time.  My little girl's hair was growing, but somehow it was becoming more wispy and feather-like in appearance, rather than the shiny, honey-colored locks I knew it could be.  The last straw was in the doctor's office when I happened to overhear a little boy refer to my sweet daughter as "him."  Suddenly I saw with new eyes how much her shaggy, uneven hair had begun to resemble a mullet beneath the cute little flowered hat she was wearing.  I was finally driven to admit it:  It's time, Jessica, it's time.  So we took her in for professional help.  Precision Cuts, to be precise. 

Daddy was home so we all got to go together!

The Before Shot:  The Shaggy Feather Mullet.

We were very happy to have Daddy with us.

 What's more fun than getting your hair cut in an off-road vehicle, I ask you?

 Other than being a little more serious than usual, Siennalee did great.

She totally cooperated with the strange lady with the scissors.  Wouldn't you?

They had movies there for the kids to watch, so while she got her hair done, Siennalee was treated to one of her newest favorite movies - Cinderella.

She even let the lady blow dry her hair!

I was feeling really good at this point.

All my fears of a little-boy-bowl-cut had fled.

Cute little bob cut.

The After Shot:  Our cute little girl with a girlie 'do!

*happy mommy sigh*

She even got a pink balloon for being such a big girl (although I suspect they give these to the criers and screamers, too, but I didn't tell her that).

Siennalee is so proud of her new haircut.  We brush it and put bows in it and she'll parade around and show it off.  It's precious.  Little girls are so much fun.  I highly recommend them.


Karen said...

She looks so grown-up! And I highly recommend having a little girl and a little boy :)

The Hotrum Family said...

I love it! And how cooperative was she to have it styled and everything!!

Kim8613 said...

aw so cute! I love bobs on little girls! ;)

Amy said...

So cute. She did a great job!! I lol when you said you highly recommend a girl :)

Jeff and Kim said...

Very, very sweet! :)

Terryl Kaiser said...

I love it! Can't wait to see it Sunday!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Simply Gorgeous!

I had to cut Josiah's hair when people kept asking if he was a girl. Can't you see the blue clothes!? And he was only 5 months old.

You may have been duped by the "him" comment. My son, Nathan, refers to everyone including me as him. John: Did you ask Mommy? Nathan: Yes, I asked him. *sigh*

Staci said...

Sooooo cute! I love it!

Momae' said...

JESSICA... we enjoyed this so much.How special to go together as a family.. that is the best thing to us...how generations change... we noticed the part is offset.. Gary (Papa) used to work so hard to get Cheri's part perfectly straight for her pigtails. He was the morning caretaker in the preschool years as I worked fulltime for four years...Love you.