Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Semi-Shamrocks and an Ah Ha.

I just had to share these. Don't they look like little semi-Shamrocks?

They're actually just my other garden seedlings coming up, but I rejoice over them even more than I would an actual four leaf clover (which I HAVE found before, by the way).

Another reason I absolutely had to share these: I've been playing more and more with my camera and had an especially fun "ah HA" moment this afternoon while I was talking to my sister-in-law Anne about some pictures I wasn't terribly happy with. As we were on the phone I grabbed my 20D, made the changes we were talking of, and ran over to my little bright green, semi-shamrock-sort-of-look-alike little baby veggies and had them pose for a few frames. Ah HA! Eureka. It worked. :) And I had to share.

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Momae' said...

I thought you had it in you..after I studied a tad I wanted ANOTHER camera.. play..play..have fun..