Monday, February 18, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Siennalee saw her first spider today. She wouldn't go near a toy that had fallen close to the web in a corner of the kitchen and my mother-in-law, who hadn't yet caught sight of the eight-legged offender, couldn't figure out why. I had noticed the spider there earlier this morning and thought perhaps that was the cause of her unease. Sure enough, Sienna had spotted it and was a bit unnerved. We called Papa (my father-in-law) over and he dispatched Spidy and we girls all cheered.

Mere moments after this first episode, a second spider scurried in from the open garage door and Siennalee sounded the alarm. Papa was again called in and Siennalee insisted on viewing the whole gruesome procedure from the safety of my arms. Papa finally stood up with the wad of tissue safely imprisoning the second villain and, relieved, Sienna looked at us wide eyed and dramatically breathed "SPI-DER!"

Her first bug. I almost cried. I love my world.

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Sapphire, Dana & Karalee said...

That's too precious! I lol at "SPI-DER" What sweet little girl!