Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Jason is Drilling from home this weekend, so although he didn't have to travel and we (happily) get to see a lot more of him than usual Drill weekends, he's still putting in hours either at the office or at our coffee table in front of his dinosaur of a laptop. 

We - well, I - decided to extend Father's Day into Father's Weekend and began making special things happen yesterday, starting with a big ole chocolate cake.  Pretty darn good, too, if I do say so myself - and I do say so.  Goodness knows I've made enough chocolate cake recipes over the years (it's Jason's tried and true favorite dessert), and this Black Magic Chocolate Cake recipe is pretty darn good.

This morning I made a big breakfast-brunch and managed to time it perfectly to coincide with Jason's return from the office (*insert synchronized golf clapping here*).  After her little fingers were licked clean, Siennalee presented Jason with his cards and first gift: a nifty water bottle and mount for his road bike.  His second present is due to arrive next week.  The girls and I did a little photo shoot project last week, and since the one hour photo places in our area evidently belong to the devil, I ended up ordering the prints online.  But I suppose that goes right along with the theme of Father's Extend-o-Weekend.  Let's just pretend I planned it all that way, shall we?

Jason and Siennalee just enjoyed a bike ride and we've made plans to go on a walk later once Avonlea wakes from her nap and Jason is ready to take another break.  It's been a lovely, low-key day so far.  These are the priceless little moments that make our blessings so very, very sweet. 

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Your words of love, respect and description are NEVER a disappointment. Momae'