Friday, April 8, 2011

Klamath Falls Children's Museum

The other day the Sweetheart and I were introduced to another of the little gems the city of Klamath Falls has to offer: The Children's Museum.

 We met friends there, among whom were Mr. C and Miss L.  Aren't they adorable? 

Upon entering the Children's Museum, we noticed several things right off: the place offered fun - fun absolutely everywhere, and right alongside and on top of all that fun?  Terrible, terrible lighting (for the mommy with the new camera burning a hole in her camera bag).  Thus, you will be seeing a whole lot of black and white images.  Some people think they're more artistic and emotional.  Me - I'm just skirting the whole weird colors thing.  (Please never accuse me of being artsy and emotional.)

So another one of the first things we noticed right away were the trains.  Trains!  We kinda love trains.  There are hands-on trains (Hello Thomas) and hands-off trains (Hello miniature Union Pacific).

And then - we saw it.  Across the crowded room... a fire truck!  I had a mommy-melting moment when Siennalee scooted her little self onto that truck and saw that she could work the truck's siren light.  There's nothing like the pure joy of children.

Thankfully Mr. C was driving because this girl is completely taken with the red shiny light.

Once he was satisfied that Siennalee had paid sufficient attention to her driving lessons, Mr. C let Sienna scoot behind the wheel and take 'er for a spin.  The bliss on her face is one of my very favorite things.

The Children's Museum then breaks off into several rooms with different themes.  One of the first we found was the "office" room, complete with a (working!) inter-office telephone system and semi-antique-but-still-play-with-able office equipment.  Mr. C, who frequents the Children's Museum with his mommy Cherry, got right to work. 

Siennalee was thrilled with the phone.  Especially when an intrepid little fellow museum-goer called her from another "office."

And then - there was the "salon."  We spent a lot of time here.  And frankly, the photos kinda tell the story better than I could.  (I just love my sweetheart's little face!)

I absolutely must add more shots of Miss L.  She's pretty darn cute in the pictures, but she's a perfect little doll in real life!  (So is her mommy.  Next time I'll do a better job getting pictures of the mommies.)

And here's Mr. C again.  His mommy takes a lot of pictures, too, so he's no stranger to what to do in front of the camera.  Although I did catch him giving me some "aw, c'mon lady" faces though when I was going a little too paparazza.

Another room was the "grocery store" room.  It's ideal how they've got this set up like a little neighborhood market.  Siennalee took a few moments to survey, then got right to shopping.  She was then able to take her purchases up to a very old fashioned cash register and dig her extra-large money out of a little pocketbook that came with the grocery store.  How convenient!  There was a phone in this room, too, which was able to call the other rooms in the museum.  More great fun.

And then there was the "doctor's office" room.  The lab coat was irresistible.  

And on our way out we spied the helicopter.  Mr. C was giving lessons and made sure Siennalee felt comfortable before she did some solo-flights.

The Klamath Falls Children's Museum!  What a treat.  We will SO be back.  :)


Cheri said...

So totally adorable! She looks like she is having a wonderful time. Kind of reminds me of the "Please Touch" museum in Philadelphia. Great photo branding!

Jen Rouse said...

Wow--what a fun place! I think my girls would just adore that hair salon room.

Anne said...

That place looks so much like the Gilbert Children museum in Salem. :)And your shots are GREAT! What are you talking about, you fellow perfectionist, you?

heather said...

Yay for children's museums! Love them. How nice that your town has a great one.

Anonymous said...

jessica, love the photos and glad to be part of the fun you are finding in our small town of KF. Hope to see you and siennalee soon. hugs t and miss L.