Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Jason was gone last week with the Navy Reserves so the Sweetheart and I decided to take off for our second home in the Willamette Valley.  

I have to tell you, no matter how well you plan a visit, there are always things you can't quite seem to get to and people you can't quite seem to see.  I think that might just be a part of living far away.  It sucks, but you do your best.  

Our week was pretty packed.  We left on Sunday, which happened to be the day of the big wind storm that hit the Valley rather unexpectedly.  Driving down out of the mountains on Highway 58 was quite an experience.  We had stopped for a late lunch in Oakridge and just as we were getting up to the drive-through window there was a flash and the entire town lost power.  No McD's for us.  We didn't actually even see the winds until we got a bit further down Hwy 58, below Oakridge.  Suddenly I saw ahead of us the tops of giant evergreens bending and twisting and all I could think of was (in a Ross-Geller-from-Friends voice), Uh-oh.  After that we were dodging tree branch flotsam and jetsam and a couple trees that had fallen over half of the highway.  Rain and winds buffeted our GMC Acadia and I was driving pretty white-knuckled and prayerful.  We finally made it to Paul & Anne's house in Junction City only to discover that power was out there, too.  Rumors were flying that the power would be out for a couple days, so the Nunn family packed 'em up and headed out with us to Albany where, miraculously, there was power.  

So our week had a bumpy start but soon smoothed out.  Siennalee was able to get in quality playtime not only with her cousins, but also with the Davis boys, the Rouse girls, and the Schneiter boys.  She even managed to have some time without mommy.  I was able to do some much-needed Mommy Only Day shopping up at the local outlet malls with my sister-in-law Cheri, as well as some shopping on my own in Eugene.  An entire day to myself!  I also got to meet with my fabulous writing group girls and even got to have a Moms Only coffee date.  My only regret is that I didn't get to spend more time with more dear friends and family.  And there's a certain scarf I regret leaving behind back at the outlet malls.  :)

Thank you to my wonderful mom who housed and fed us, thank you to Anne who watched my kiddo and planned and re-planned events with me, thanks to my sister-in-law Cheri who let me drag her around for most of a day of shopping, and thanks to my writing group and friends who squeezed me into their routines.  I love you guys!

We got back home to our Klamath Falls townhouse yesterday afternoon and have been loving being back home.  It's odd to have your heart in multiple places.  I miss my family and friends like nothing else - but yet to be back in our little nest is so comforting.  I suppose this is the way it is when we live away from each other.  Another detail of Heaven which makes it so worth getting there.  :)

Siennalee has been spending time working out a little cold bug we imported from the Valley and also getting reacquainted with her toys.  This morning she got her blocks out and built "a little house on the mountain."  It looked sweetly familiar.

Home Sweet Home. 


Anne said...

I dig the house. Just build a couple more. :)

Jessica said...

Nice plant too :) Loved having you guys here. You brought many sweet sounds and precious memories. Sunday night was great having a house full. Let's do it again Easter!

Jen Rouse said...

It was a lovely visit for us, too :) And I love the little house in the mountains!