Friday, February 18, 2011

Sans Camera

I’m a little sad. For many months I’ve been in a comfortable shared-custody arrangement with my sister-in-law Anne (of Anne Nunn Photographers). And now I’ve had to say goodbye. It’s sad. I should upgrade that to a very sad as I’m getting sadder and sadder about it.

But the little guy just had to go home. I guess it’s another part of our new living situation. The distance between Junction City and Klamath Falls is limiting. And although loved ones can still be kept in contact with, not everything can remain the same.

And so we come back to my current sadness. I hate saying goodbye. I miss the little guy more and more, especially when it comes to plotting out blog posts and wishing I could record cute or momentous family moments. With wedding season beginning for Anne and Paul and then the distance now between us, sadly shared custody can be no more. And I sent the lil guy home.

No, I’m not talking this lil guy:

My nephew Lincoln
(Image used with permission from Anne Nunn Photographers)

 I mean this one:

Canon 20D image from Wikimedia Commons

The Canon 20D is one of the back-up cameras for Anne, and it must be close by during wedding season. So of course he had to go home. But I do miss him so.

I found I’ve begun to think in blog posts with words AND images. I’m unused to having to peruse the internet for the perfect picture to accent my words and stories – while also making sure I’m staying safely within the “non-pirating” boundaries. ;)

I also find myself going through my day and stumbling upon a story in sequences of images unfolding in front of me: the neighborhood birds suddenly finding our pine cone bird feeders, the current Siennalee/Gunther drama, a sweet moment between Daddy and Daughter, a new picture collage on my wall. Sad.

Away on the horizon is a light – a small light, but a light nonetheless. Plans are settling into place that will allow me regain my Momtog joy. Sole custody of my own lil guy (albeit much smaller and with less bells and whistles than the one I’m used to) is in my future. 

So for now, dear readers, I must allow that my posts will likely be a bit different than before. But I hope you can enjoy them just as much, until my own little Canon can come home.

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Jeff and Kim said...

HA HA!! You make me laugh, my blog stalking friend and cousin! :) I was saddened to read that you are now sans camera. Does it feel like you lost a limb?? I can't imagine you without a camera nearby. We just bought a camera yesterday...nothing glorious like yours, but it's fun to have one again after a year without.