Thursday, December 16, 2010

Decorating the (Gingerbread) Townhouse

Although we began the holiday season with a big household move, I had previously decided to make it a priority to not let said move interfere too much with Christmas and our celebration of the season.  

One of the things we wanted to do this year was decorate our first-ever family gingerbread house!  We got a pre-made kit from Costco (ingenious AND a great price!) and settled in one chilly evening with hot cocoa, complete with marshmallow creme and a candy cane, and we decorated this humble gingerbread house from top to bottom!

(Photographer disclaimer: pictures were taken in super low light and so are a bit yellower and LOT grainy-er than I would prefer. Okay, 'nuf said.)

(Homemaker disclaimer: I do realize I am putting up pictures of a GINGERBREAD house before pictures of our ACTUAL house.  And really, I am on this.)

Siennalee was enthralled with her hot cocoa - complete with marshmallowy creme - and candy cane.

What a treat!  She now asks for this for breakfast.  Sorry kiddo, but nice try.

  Jason broke open the kit (see above) and got the 2 minutes worth of prep done.  (Told you it was easy.)  And we got our decorating ON!  It was good, clean, MESSY fun.  Definitely something we'll love to do every year! 
The house came pre-assembled and with a ton of different types of candies for decoration!

The house also came with its own Christmas tree and gingerbread men.  Curiously, the gingerbread men did not make it, but the tree seems to be doing quite well.  (You can just see a glimpse of my Sweetpea in the back, she's talking to Daddy and I just love her little looks.)

House, pre-decorated and in the buff.

I'm proud to unveil
our very first
Kantola Family Gingerbread house!
*applause*  *accolades*
(Note the picture on the kit box behind us.  We got a pretty good laugh out of the comparison.)


mrsturtlemama said...

So much fun!!! I absolutely love the pic of Siennalee with the candy cane...she looks sooooo much like her mama!!! :) We will be doing our annual fake (i.e. graham cracker) gingerbread creations this weekend. Someday I hope to try the real thing. :)

Anonymous said...

This filled my heart with joy. Not just the beautiful house, but the 3 of you together. And it brought me back to when my boys were little, we decorated Christmas cookies. Those memories are so dear to me. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

It looks like that was quite the snow storm that hit your house and tree.... ;0) I like it.