Monday, February 1, 2010

Households and the Mother of Invention: Part 2

Every so often, I find that I've left something out of the Week-in-Klamath-Falls Migration Planning, not just oh say, a can opener, but something that simply cannot be solved with the business end of a hammer.

On these rare occasions, I am required to make a household splurge.  I do try to keep these splurges as infrequent as possible.  But sometimes, they have to happen. 

In this case, the something left behind was a knife.  This was what I had on hand:

There are teeth there, but when the chips are down, they're more like gums.

The cutlery we keep at the apartment is from one of the picnic backpack sets we got when we got married.  Good stuff, but really just made for infrequent and preferably romantic excursions, not for the serious housewife looking to make dinner for her family in her sparsely furnished second home.

I needed a knife that could slice and dice.  Mr. Butter-Knife-with-the-Gum-like-Teeth was not going to get the job done.  So, enter the splurge.  I packed up Siennalee and we headed down to Fred Meyer, which was the closest thing to a home store I could find in the town.

And for $5.99, we found this:

No cute little teeth, but he'll get the job done.  Dang it.

Now, let's be honest; my Henckels back home will not be shaking in their knife block at this purchase, but for the K Falls apartment, the Hampton Forge will be juuust right.

Let's be honest: who would you rather have on your side in a dark alley?
Especially a dark alley with an ill-tempered onion and a pepper with dark intentions.

The nice thing about the K Falls Household splurge?  One less thing to have to remember during the Great Migration Planning.  The downside?  Future garage sale fodder. 


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

WHAT? You get rid of extra stuff? Can't you find a drawer in which to stuff your new little knife when he is through being of use to you? Must you shame him?

The Boob Nazi said...

I love knives. I just got good ones for Christmas. sigh.

Anthony and Kristi said...

We're definitely going to have to upgrade our knives. Even the ones in the block are getting bad :) How nice to get a decent knife for $5.99 though!! I'm ready for US prices again. Australia is sooo expensive, for EVERYTHING! And we can relate to 2 households...sort-of. Our second household is currently in storage. We're going to have to have a big EBay sale when we leave here :)