Friday, October 24, 2008

Siennalee's First Trip to the Zoo!

September 4, 2008 ~ Catch Up Post

Jason took some vacation right before his two weeks of AT for the Navy Reserves and, along with spending some good quality family time together, we went to the zoo! It was Siennalee's first trip ever to visit the zoo and we were all very excited. "What will you see at the zoo, Siennalee?" was our often repeated question. "Beeyars (bears), liars (lions), peengwens (penguins)," she'd answer right back.

Getting ready to head into the zoo!

Waiting in line for the zoo.

Her very first animal exhibit - the otters! Boy were they cute!

Getting the hang of seeing the animals and saying hello!

Nothing in that penguin nest, but it sure was fun to peek!

Off to see more animals!

Oh beautiful birdies!

Checking out the tigers!

There's a giraffe in there, Daddy...

The view was better up higher.

Nothing keeps up morale like a snack.

This was pretty much the order of the day.
We let her go a bit, but then would reign her back in so as to avoid a complete meltdown once the energy reserves were depleted.

She made fast friends with the petting goats, but alas, the petting part of the zoo was closed when we went by. So she loved them from afar. Well, not too afar. :)

Now this guy HAD to be loved from afar.

It was pretty cool - we snuck around the back of the exhibit to see if he was out, and he was! Beautiful elephant!

Can you see him, Daddy?

So many exciting moments and discoveries...

A meltdown or two was expected... earned, even...

Again, Jason and I turned to the Kryptonite of toddler meltdowns - snacks.
Here a banana fights the good fight.

Ohhh, another friend!

Siennalee learns some friends require more sanitizing than others.

I see fish. Quite a lot of them, actually.

Spying on a black bear.

And the day ended much like it began. :)

Our family's first zoo visit! Success!


The Hotrum Family said...

We love love love the zoo! I am so glad she had a good time! Maybe next summer we can go together?!?!

Momae' said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Great pictures! So did you have more fun looking at the animals or adoring your daughter's reactions? Hurray for a successful outting!