Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bouncy House

August 30, 2008 ~ Catch Up Post

A few weeks ago our neighborhood celebrated National Night Out and along with a barbeque they had a Bouncy House for the kids! Siennalee wasn't so sure about it at first; it was daunting! But since there weren't a lot of kids there yet, they let my neighbor Nicole and me in with our kids for a bit. Siennalee warmed up to it pretty quickly and then talked about it for weeks afterward!

My awesome neighbor Nicole and her youngest, Ally, being supportive of Siennalee. Sienna wasn't too sure about this whole deal...

It was a little better with the Mommie Stabilizing Feature in place.

And then checking out the other kids jumping helped quite a bit...

Well hey! This isn't so bad!

Whoops! A little harder without Mommie to hold! Thanks Dylan!
(Dylan is Nicole's oldest kid.)

She soon got the knack of it!

Look Mommie! I jump!

And even the falling part is fun!

I think she could get used to this... :)

Ah, good times in the ol' Bouncy House.


Jamie said...

OH I love your new header, can you do one for me? Looks like she had a ton of fun, and you too!

Momae' said...

Oh.. such a delightfulpictorial story. Yes, good nieghbors are very special