Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here We Go...

Our little baby is growing up. It's slow, but sure. And then sometimes frighteningly quick. She's figuring stuff out and communicating and remembering more and more of the songs we sing.

Did I mention she loves keys? The keys that hang on our little key holder and live between the pantry and garage doors. She's mildly obsessed with these keys.

Besides her new trick to spring said keys from their Mommie-made prison, she's been cruising by some other little mini-milestones:

*Today when I went in to get her up from her nap she informed me in her little high pitched voice, "I poopy."

*Yesterday we were heading upstairs and there was a noise in the kitchen (I was cooking her pasta on the stove) and she paused, looked up at me and said, "Daddy here!" Awww...

*She's now started to ask for "more pease" or "more bite!"

*She'll pull on my hand and say "Mama up!" when she wants me go with her somewhere.

*She's now added the "e" when she sings her "A B C's" - yay! "A B C D E!" (The song will actually continue, "A B C D E E E...")

*She now has a new big girl bowl and eating utensils. She's as proficient at wielding that fork and spoon as any 18 month old I've seen yet! :)

*And, taaadaaaah, she's begun stamping her adorable little size 6 feet when she's practicing throwing her little pre-toddler tantrums. It's so maddeningly cute, I have to bite my lip and look away. I know, I know. The cuteness wears off. Please don't feel the need to email me.


Momae' said...

Jessica.. such lovliness..after a very hectic, demanding day.
Please give hugs from Nana.

Amy said...

Lol about stomping her feet. hehe.. I'd find it hard not to laugh either.

Jamie said...

Hmmmm, she's quite resourceful. Just think, in about 14.5 years she'll be trying to sneak the keys again for totally different reasons!

The Hotrum Family said...

She is such a clever smart girl! I love the trick to get the keys down! WOW!

Paul [the convert] said...

very sneaky. coarse I would have got those keys if it were me. Don't believe me? you'll see next time I'm over!