Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Portraits of Easter

Siennalee's first real Easter basket!

Ducks are quite the celebrities in our little world. Siennalee loves a "duck duck!"

A special card from Nana and Papa came in the mail. After appreciating the front, Sienna sneaked a peek at the back - just to see if it was a Hallmark card or not.

Her Easter card from Nana & Papa had some fun stickers on it. I helped her peel 'em off and place them in the right places.

Time to don the pretty Easter dress!

Don't you miss wearing such pretty dresses?

Easter basket time!

Um, was this 'sposed to be in there?

Oh Mommie, I love duck ducks.

Duckie love.

Pretty Isabella in her Easter hat.

Visiting Gracie in her highchair. "Got anything good up there?"

I see you behind there, Auntie. You gonna fish me outta here, or what?

"Assisting" Siennalee.

Pretty little thoughts.

Pretty little girl.

Rare moments of stillness.

My brother Paul and sister-in-law Anne. Paul adores the camera.

The girlies break for a little dress up and photo op with Grammie before the big Easter egg hunt.

Time for the hunt! To the chilly outdoors we go!

Boy is it windy and chilly!

Undeterred by the cold and chill - we must find those pretty eggs!

One very sneaky egg.

How many have you found, Cousin?

Mommies make the best cheerleaders.

OOoooo! I see one!

Jessica & Jason.
Still lovin' the adventure!


Amy said...

The duck is so cute! Great pictures :)

Jamie said...

She looks beautiful. What great pictures.

Momae' said...

Lovely Jessica.